Welcome to Kaleidos Marketing Group. If is our mission to help small businesses concisely communicate their value to prospective customers, and to amplify their reach as far as possible. Today’s technology enables businesses to reach untapped markets. Let us help you leverage the strengths of your existing products and services by clearly communicating to the right markets.

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Founder, Liana Moore

Liana began her career in the field of public relations in 1994, freelancing for Dallas agencies, both large and small. Shortly thereafter she transitioned into marketing research for a financial company. Inspired to learn more about business she earned her Masters in Business Administration. Using that knowledge, Liana started and ran an online business in the travel industry. Venturing into marketing and public relations for a non-profit classical music festival eventually led to client services and business development at a full-service advertising agency specializing in real estate development and sales. She then transitioned those skills and knowledge to her own agency, Kaleidos Marketing Group.

In her free time Liana spends practices perfecting her multi tasking skills, debating with a 4-year old (and sometimes winning), trying out new sports (like BMX) with a 8-year old, and she aspires to someday get back into her hobby of climbing mountains.



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